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A L Technical specialise in live sound mixing and sound reinforcement. Engineers experienced in all applications of live sound are available for your event or production. From out contacts we can provide engineers for live bands, corporate and conferences, TV and live theatre.


If you require more than just an engineer then get in touch for an informal chat and let us know what we can do for you. With a network of contacts across the UK we can arrange PA Hire, Design & Event Management and Transportation to cater for the largest of tours.



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The Kit...


Our engineers insist on using only the best equipment for every event.


Here you can see the kit that we recommend,

and why!


Allen and Heath GLD


Our desk of the moment is the GLD from Allen and Heath. Whilst its not a heavy weight in the Midas and Digico territory, we really rate it and heres why...

Features - It does several things that bigger systems don't do, for example every mix has graphic and parametric plus dynamics, no 8 way racks and complicated patching here. And again with the FX, 8 busses fully assignable or insertable. And on top of that all the parameters including assignments, EQ and dynamics, even desk layout are all recallable in scenes, with a comprehensive recall filter and multiple cue lists available.

Size - It's compact and lightweight, ideal for venues with limited space or on corporate jobs where the control position is small.

Flexibility - with multiple I/O Racks networked over Cat5 plus local I/O in the desk and the option for expansion cards like Dante, its a hugely flexible system, with any input or output channel being assignable to any physical in or out port on the racks or surface.

User Friendly - Any sound guy with half a brain can boot up the GLD and start making noise in seconds, its really that intuitive.

But more than that it just sounds really good and ultimately thats what matters with a sound desk... right?


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