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From My Fair Lady to Toploader, A L Technical have a broad range of skills and experience in all types of lighting. Whether you need a few par cans for a local charity function or full scale arena design and programming, our live events team will design and rig a system to suit.


For Theatrical productions we have designers on our team with credits including Oliver, My Fair Lady and We Will Rock You



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A L Technical started life in theatre. In the ensuing years we have branched into all the various aspects of the industry from Corporate to live music and have a proven record in every area. However when it comes to our lighting department the theatre will always be home, and as such every event is approached with the same theatrical design ideology whether its musical theatre or corporate conference lighting. We use only the latest technology and proven industry favorites for every event, and whilst we have been accused of going OTT in the past we think thats no bad thing, putting as much into our productions as time and budget will allow.


To achieve such high standards we rely on products that are proven in the field; lighting from Clay Paky, Martin and Robe; control and networking from MA and Chamsys.


Featured this week is the Alpha QWO800 from Clay Paky.


Available in the 800 Spot and 800ST Profile variants, the ST Profile offers a 4 blade framing system on top of the standard feature set of Zoom, Iris, CMY, Prism and Gobos. This is one of the most flexible fixtures on the market to date. The 800w discharge source coupled with exceptional optics produce excellent output, allegedly rivalling older 1200w fixtures although in principle this may only be true when the fixture has just been re-lamped. That said 4 units were bright enough to keep up with a rig of MAC101's and new Chauvet Rogue R2's recently at the BIC in Bournemouth.

QWO stands for Quite Wide Optics, no joke! 11 - 55 degrees with iris down to 7.6. Clay Paky also include a unique Stay Sharp Zoom feature, excellent for speed of programming! Essentially the first zoom preset is programmed along with a focus preset. The software in the fixture then marry's the data as a base point and from there as you zoom it will adjust the focus to compensate, meaning from then on you need only update one or two focus presets from gig to gig. Of course if you require a different focus for a specific look simply include focus in the cue or make another preset!

Mike Stevens - LD with That'll be the Day really rates these fixtures, buying 4 recently for the show during an upgrade of the LX department. He certainly puts them through their paces during the 3 hour, 220 gigs-per-year show and so far other then routine maintenance and servicing they haven't missed a beat. Providing tight, irised specials; full stage gobo and texture washes; key light; movement effects and straight forward rock'n'roll beams all in one unit, often changing combinatons of the above during just one number or medley, these fixtures are the workhorse of Mikes design, the 800w lamp complimenting the video nicely whilst still keeping pace with the MAC101's.

All in all a spectacular unit given the price point and feature set.