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Welcome to A L Technical...


With over 15 years in the industry and experience in every aspect of live production, we can guarantee to provide you with everything you require to make your event a success.


Whether you need a sound engineer to mix your band for the evening;  lighting, sound and video design or full scale tour production and event management, we have the experience, both in house and via a network of trusted industry professional who we work closely with to achieve the best results.


We Love  A Challenge...


No event is too big; small; unususal or complicated!

We love to meet and work with new people; to take your visions and bring them to life. All our collegues and freelance associates are highly dedicated and very passionate about what they do; so you can be sure they will be looking to set the standard very high from the moment they arrive on site until the very last truck has left.

Recent Projects

Click on the link above for a more detailed write-up of some of the latest projects we have been working on.


Don't forget to check out the Blog page for updates from That'll Be The Day's Spring Tour as told by FOH Engineer Ash Lawson from A L Technical.